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Insight Numerics inFlux v3.0
Engineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual "#" to "@"-----
Just for a test,anything you need-----
ARM Development Studio 2022.1 (build 202210907) Gold Edition Linux64
midas NFX 2022 R1 Build 2022.05.31 Multilingual Win64
ADT(Analog Designer's Toolbox) v1.1.8 Windows & Linux
CIMCO Edit 2022 Win64
Cadence Sigrity Suite 2022.10.200 Win64
Enscape 3.4.0 Build 84039
Kesight Network Analyzer 2022
PROKON v5.0.02 build 06.07.2022
Rockware RockWorks 2022.07.28 Win64
Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vP-2019.03 SP1 Linux64
Zuken E3 series 2021 SP2 v22.20.0.0 Win64
ZwSoft ZWMeshWorks 2022 SP2 Win64
ZwSoft ZWSim 2022 SP2 Win64
ZwSoft ZWSim Electromagnetic 2022 SP2 Win64
ZwSoft ZWSim Structural 2022 Sp2 Win64
CYME CYMCAP v8.1 rev. 3 Build 88
IAR Embedded Workbench for Microchip AVR v7.30.5
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78 v4.21.4
Zuken E3 series 2021 v22.20 Win64
ZwSoft CADbro 2022 v7.00.00 Win64
kuka sim pro 3.1.2
NCH DreamPlan Plus 7.50
Trepcad 2022 v7.0.2.2
Altair Flux & FluxMotor 2022.1.0 Win64
Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2023
ESSS Rocky DEM 2022 R2.0 v22.2.0 Linux64
3Diagnosys v4.1
CSI CSiCol v10.1.0 build 1073 Win64
ESSS Rocky DEM 2022 R2.0 v22.2.0 Win64
Keysight Network Analyzer 2022 v15.75.19 Win64
PROKON v5.0 build 06.07.2022 Repack Win64
Tekla EPM 2019i SP6
ZwSoft CADbro 2023 v8.00.00 Win64
ADAPT-Builder 2019.2 Win64
CSI CSiCol v10.1.0 build 1073
Deep Excavation SnailPlus 2012 v3.1.5.5
Autodesk Meshmixer v3p5 Win64
DipTrace Win64
The Foundry Mari 5.0v4 Win64
GoldenSoftware Grapher v20.1.251
SpiceVision 5.1.3 Linux
Trimble RealWorks v12.2.1.108 Win64
ProfiCAD 12.1
Ascom TEMS CellPlanner Win32_64
Ascom TEMS Invistigation 14.6
Intel (ex Altera) Quartus Prime v22.3 Pro
Lixoft Monolix Suite 2021 R2
Spectrum.Micro-Cap (Microcap).v12.2.0.5.Win32_64
Aspen Technology aspenONE Engineering Suite v14.0 Win32_64
Coreform Cubit (ex. csimsoft Trelis) 2022.4.0
Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System v10.7.1 Win64
NCH DreamPlan Plus 7.72
IHS Kingdom Suite SMT 2022
Proteus Professional 8.15 SP1 Build 34318
STMicroelectronics STM32 ST-LINK Utility v4.6.0
STMicroelectronics STM32CubeProgrammer 2022 v2.11.0
Proteus Pro 8.15 SP1 Portable Win64
COMSOL Multiphysics 6.1.252 WinLinux
MinePlan 2022 v16.02
SIMetrix SIMPLIS v8.4b Win64
Aescripts GEOlayers v3.1.5.3 Build 813 Windows &MacOS
ESRI CityEngine 2022.1.8538
DeskArtes 3Data Expert Win64
Proteus Professional 8.15 SP0 Build 33980
STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1 12716 Win64
STM32CubeMX 6.6.1 win32_64
Saadedin Road Estimator v9.0.0.16
SAi Flexi v22.0.1.3782
KAPPA Emeraude v5.20
HYPACK 2022 Q2 Update v1.22.2
Schlumberger OMNI 3D 2021 x64
Maplesoft Maple Flow 2022.1 Win64
Adobe Photoshop 2023 v24.0.0.59 Multilingual Win64
Nemetschek Allplan 2023.0.0
Black Mint Concise Beam
ArtiosCAD 22.11 Build 3074 Win64
KVS QuickSurface 2023 v5.0.11
Polysun v11.2 Win64
ProfiCAD 12.0.2
Schlumberger Flaresim 2022.3
Siemens Solid Edge 2023 Win64
CoventorMP v2.101 Build 2022-09-07 GOLD Linux64
Engineered Software PIPEFLO Advantage 2022 v18.1
Human Solutions Ramsis 3835-121 in CATIA V5-R19 Win64
RIGOTECH Pre-Cut Optimizer v3.2.36.0 Bilanguage
WorkNC 2022.1.2228
Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 Plus 2023.0.0
Mecway FEA 16.0 Win64
Schlumberger Symmetry 2022.3 build 162 Win64
Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD 2016-2017 VM
Ocean.Data.Systems.Dream.Report v5R19-3
RoboSoft Reporting v2.1 Win64
DVT Eclipse DVT Kit 22.1.25 e422 Win64
InnovMetric PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2022 IR2.1 Win64
Hexagon ERDAS Orima 2022 v16.7 Win64
TwoNav CompeGPS Land Pro v9.0.2 Build 202204041200 Win64
Hexagon Leica Cyclone 2022.1.0 Win64
Leica Hexagon HxMap v4.1.0
ZWCAD Professional 2023 Update 1 Win64
ZwSoft ZWSim Structural 2022 SP3 Win64
ZwSoft ZWSim-EM 2022 SP3 Win64
Hexagon GeoMedia Suite 2022 v16.7.0.210
Leica Hexagon GeoCompressor 2022 v16.7.0.1963
Leica Hexagon Spider Suite v7.8.0.9445
Hexagon GeoMedia 3D 2022
Hexagon GeoMedia Desktop 2022 ENG
Hexagon GeoMedia Image Pro 2022
Hexagon GeoMedia PDF 2022
3DCoat 2022.43 Win64
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v17.40.031 Win64
PDMS toolkit v12.0.SP4
NI LabView 2022 Q3 v22.3.0 Win64
NI-DAQmx 2022 Q3 v22.5.0 Win64
Synopsys ASIP Designer vS-2021.12 Win64 & Linux64
Synopsys DesignWare Extract v2.00 Linux64
Synopsys VCS vT-2022.06 Linux64
Synopsys SYN vT-2022.03 SP2 Linux64
gurobi v9.1.1
EIVA NaviSuite KudaProcessing 4.5
EIVA NaviSuite NaviPlot 2.5
FTI Forming Suite 2021.1.0 Build 33052.0 Win64
DVT KIT 22.1.24 e422 Linux64
EIVA NaviSuite KudaCore 4.6
EIVA NaviSuite Mobula Core (Blue Robotics) 4.6.3
EIVA NaviSuite Mobula Pro (Blue Robotics) 4.6.3
EIVA NaviSuite NaviSuite QCToolbox 4.5.6
NoMachine v7.10.2
EIVA NaviSuite Beka NaviCat 4.5.2
EIVA NaviSuite Beka NaviPac 4.5.7
EIVA NaviSuite NaviEdit Pro 8.6.3
EIVA NaviSuite NaviModel Producer 4.5.6
EIVA NaviSuite NaviScan 9.7
EIVA NaviSuite Perio 4.6
EIVA NaviSuite QuickStitch 4.4.2
EIVA NaviSuite Uca 4.5
EIVA NaviSuite Workflow Manager 4.5
PiXYZ Complete 2021.1.1.5 Win64
Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD v5.5 Build 427 Win64
BluePearl HDL Creator 2020.3.59331 Win64
DVT Eclipse DVT Kit 2022 v22.1.23-e419 Linux64
GreenValley Suite Lidar360 v4.0 Build 20200515
PCI Geomatica Banff 2020 SP2 build 2020-07-29 Win64
MecSoft VisualCADCAM 2022 v11.0.74 Win64
Tekla Structures 2022 SP3 Multilingual Win64
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